Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems – Call for Feasibility Studies

The EPSRC funded Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems is pleased to announce their first Call for Feasibility Studies, with an application deadline of 7 May 2020.

The Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems (CENTS) is a sustainable transport research network, which aims to:

  1. Build a community focused on the informed design and utilisation of circular technologies and processes in transport, and
  2. Deliver novel and effective solutions that combine academic creativity and industry insight to reduce the environmental burden of transportation systems across their lifecycle.

CENTS invites proposals for research collaborations between academic and industry partners that will enable cross-disciplinary, foresightful and risky early stage research.

In this round (the first of three), the Network will be looking to fund up to five projects of approx. £50,000 at full Economic Cost (fEC), with funding to be awarded at 80% fEC. Projects are expected to be approximately 6 months in length, and must complete before the end of Jan 2021.

Each feasibility study is expected to produce a tangible piece of work that would deliver a specific (normally publishable) output, such as a discipline-bridging state-of-the-art review, early stage concept development, or demonstrator technology. Proposals should focus on transportation systems and be aligned with at least one of the five research strands below:

  • Material stocks and flows in transportation
  • Whole life design (end of life recycling, reuse and recovery processes)
  • Circular Economy Decisions
  • Circular Economy Transitions
  • Digital Circularity

The Application Form and full call documentation are available on the CENTS website.

Key dates

Deadline for Expression of Interest form to be completed online 20 April 2020, 17.00

Deadline for full applications to be submitted by email to the CENTS Network Manager 7 May 2020, 17.00