Chemical Biology Community Workshop 2019


EPSRC is holding a Chemical Biology and Biological Chemistry community workshop on 05 March 2019. This will be a multi and interdisciplinary workshop bringing together researchers from across the Chemical Biology and Biological Chemistry research area with the aims of stimulating increased activity in the area and supporting researchers to better navigate the research and funding landscape. To support this, the workshop will discuss overlaps with other research councils (BBSRC and MRC), challenges and guidance around interdisciplinary peer review and provide opportunities for networking. The workshop will also facilitate the identification of research challenges and opportunities in the area, giving attendees the opportunity to feed into EPSRC strategic development for the area.


The EPSRC Chemical Biology and Biological Chemistry research area is defined as the development of novel chemical tools and technologies for the understanding of biology and the synthesis of biological and biologically active molecules. This area also covers biomimetic chemistry, synthetic methods that mimic biochemical processes; including producing simplified chemical models of complex biological systems. Critically this area is focussed on understanding and/or developing novel underpinning chemistry in a biological context.

Chemical Biology was marked as a grow area in the EPSRC 2016 balancing capability exercise, but there has been relatively little change in the size of this research area over the last three years. EPSRC still believe in the importance of this area and want to continue to support the community grow and encourage multi and interdisciplinary networking and proposals. Discussions with members of the community have highlighted the need for increased cohesion and advocacy across this large multi and interdisciplinary area, concerns about interdisciplinary peer review and opportunities for increased understanding of the remit overlaps between EPSRC, BBSRC and MRC. This workshop aims to take steps to address these issues and concerns and support the community and research area to grow so as to increase the UKs capability in the area.

How to apply

Those wishing to attend the workshop should complete the Expression of Interest (EOI). This will be used to select participants based on meeting the eligibility requirements and:

  • Relevance of research activity to Chemical Biology and Biological Chemistry
  • How the proposed contribution aligns to the aims of the workshop
  • How the outputs of the workshop will be disseminated

In addition, EPSRC will also ensure a balanced representation of organisation, research area, and career stage.

Places are limited and the number of participants from a given organisation may have to be restricted in the event of multiple applications. Selection will primarily be based on the justification for attendance and expertise.