Capital Roadmap for X-Ray Tomography: expression of interest to attend Town Hall Meeting

Activity Date
Expression of interest to attend 27 October 2017
Confirmation to attendees 30 October 2017
Town Hall Meeting 08 November 2017 - London
12 December 2017 - Manchester

To get a better understanding of the future needs for investment in cutting-edge and underpinning equipment that will support world-leading physical science and engineering in the UK, EPSRC is working with the academic community to prepare a series of "equipment roadmaps".

X-ray tomography has been identified by EPSRC and the Capital Equipment Strategic Advisory Team as an area of focus for a roadmap. Dr Paul Shearing from UCL is leading the development of this roadmap with a working group of experts.

The working group wants to collect views from the broader user community on the future challenges and technical developments in tomography required to enable new science to ensure the UK remains/becomes internationally-competitive in the broad fields of research underpinned by X-ray tomography. The group is currently conducting a survey which can be found on the Capital Roadmap for X-ray Tomography news story.

The Town Hall Meetings will take place from 10.00 until 14.00 in London on 08 November 2017 and in Manchester on 12 December 2017, and are an opportunity to contribute to the development of the Capital Roadmap for X-Ray Tomography, including contributing to:

  • What is the current UK X-ray tomography landscape? What is the community view of X-ray tomography benchmarked internationally?
  • Future challenges and technical developments in tomography required to enable new science.
  • If you wish to attend the Town Hall Meeting we would ask you to complete the survey included at the bottom of this page by 23 October 2017 by 17.00. If you have any queries please email">EPSRC Equipment Funding.