Call for Statements of Need for National Research Facilities

Funding Available: No direct funding is available through this call. Where a clear community need for a facility has been identified, the responsible EPSRC theme will convene a specification panel to further identify any requirements and either an open call will be issued for a full facility, or, in the case of larger strategic bids, these will go forward for consideration at the appropriate time and meeting.

How to apply: Submission of full Statements of Need. This call will be available on Smart Survey at this link.

Assessment Process: Statements of Need will be initially filtered by EPSRC for fit to remit, strategy and the call. Submissions which go forward will be assessed by a prioritisation panel covering a wide range of expertise across the EPSRC remit. This will meet in December 2019 to assess the Statements of Need for both new and existing facilities and large capability infrastructure according to the published assessment criteria.

Applicants must inform EPSRC by August 31st of their intent to apply prior to submitting a statement of need proposal via a short smart survey at this link.

Key Dates:



Intention to Submit

16:00, 31st August 2020

Submission deadline

16:00, 30th November 2020

Prioritisation panel

December 2020


For full details and how to apply please see the guidance PDF below.