Bridging the Gaps between the Engineering and Physical Sciences and Antimicrobial Resistance

As part of the cross-council initiative in Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) the EPSRC is launching this call which will aim to engage engineering and physical sciences (EPS) researchers with the AMR challenge and to develop networks within their institutions focussed on the four multidisciplinary themes in the cross-council AMR initiative. These networks will support people to build capacity and understanding which could lead to future research proposals.

Up to £5M is available to support institutional Bridging the Gap awards to enable institutions to undertake a range of people-focussed activities to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, funding for which can be difficult to find elsewhere. We expect that Universities will focus on the areas of the AMR research agenda that reflect their individual strengths. A key requirement will be the engagement of engineering and the physical sciences (including mathematical sciences and computer science) as part of the multidisciplinary networks.