Analytical Science Community Workshop

EPSRC is holding an Analytical Science community workshop on the 23 October 2019. This workshop will bring together representatives from both industry and academia working within the EPSRC Analytical Science research area. The aim of the workshop is to produce a set of future research goals, encompassing the views of both the academic and industrial communities, and use these discussions to identify potential areas of overlap between the research agenda of the academic community and the development needs of industry.

To facilitate this, the workshop will provide opportunities for networking and the development of new collaborations. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for the Analytical Science community to identify future infrastructure needs, including ways in which the existing infrastructure can be more effectively utilised.


Analytical Science is key not only in the development of enabling technology for other research areas but also as an important research area in its own right. However, the direct contribution of Analytical Sciences to EPSRC Outcomes is not always clear and could be better defined through the identification of a set of future research goals and priorities. In addition, while the importance of this research area to a range of different industries is clear there is scope to further develop the relationship between the Analytical Science community and potential end-users.

The definition of Analytical Science used in industry often encompasses a broader range of activities than the academic community are familiar with, therefore, further work is needed to bring this into better alignment. In order to address these issues this workshop aims to define a set of research goals to provide a framework for (a) defining the future challenges and, (b) identifying potential areas of overlap with the development needs of industry.

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