Airguide Photonics Collaboration Fund Call for Research Proposals

The EPSRC-funded Programme Grant Airguide Photonics includes a Collaboration Fund to enable the inclusion of new partners to bring additional value to the programme.

Initial engagement will be via short research projects that support the objectives of the programme. UK-based academic researchers are invited to submit proposals for projects valued up to £50,000 (exceptionally up to £100,000), which directly or indirectly contribute to the key areas of the Airguide programme and which add benefit to the overall aims of the project.

The Call is particularly interested to receive proposals on the following topics:

  1. Hollow Core Fibre development: aiming to design, develop, fabricate (and supply) the next generation of ultrahigh performance HCFs.
  2. Hollow Core Fibre reliability and interconnection: addressing the key practical and reliability aspects associated with the deployment of HCFs in the real-world applications.
  3. Amplifiers, lasers and components for Hollow Core Fibres: developing a suite of amplifiers compatible with the enormous operating bandwidth offered by HCFs and the key to unlocking long distance HCF transmission and many of the laser, sensor, quantum and metrology applications of HCFs.
  4. Data transmission in Hollow Core Fibres: studying the transformative applications enabled by adoption of hollow-core fibre technology.
  5. Laser delivery applications of Hollow Core Fibres: exploring the unique possible solution to fibre-based laser delivery of unprecedented power.
  6. Hollow Core Fibre for sensing and metrology: looking to exploit the long gas/light interactions possible in HCFs, as well as their stability with respect to environmental conditions, developing a range of new devices.

For more information, including eligibility, funding levels, applications and deadlines, please visit the Airguide Photonics Collaboration call page.

Key dates

Event Date/Time
Deadline for submission of proposals 12:00 on Friday 25 January 2019
Announcement of the short-listed proposals Tuesday 26 February 2019
Presentation to Airguide Management Group members Monday 18 March 2019
Announcement of the winning proposals Monday 25 March 2019