Access to High Performance Computing

This call is for researchers to apply for computational resource from EPSRC funded High Performance Computing (HPC) services to support research projects from across EPSRC’s remit. It is the successor to the ARCHER RAP and Tier-2 Open access calls which ran prior to 2020. Projects can run for up to one year (service dependent). On average, this call runs twice a year.

The services available are ARCHER2, the upcoming Tier-1 national supercomputer accessible to EPSRC research communities, and most of EPSRC’s Tier-2 HPC services: Isambard, NI-HPC, JADE, Cirrus, NICE, CSD3 and HPC Midlands +.

EPSRC’s final Tier-2 service, the Materials Modelling Hub, is not accessible through this call but can be accessed through EPSRC’s Materials Chemistry Consortium (MCC) and UK Car-Parrinello Consortium (UKCP).

The ARCHER2 service provides the capability for researchers to run simulations and calculations which require large numbers of processing cores working in a highly parallelised fashion. The Tier-2 services form a bridge in compute capacity from the Tier-3 local university supercomputers to the Tier-1 ARCHER2 service, as well as providing a highly diverse range of compute architectures which are of limited availability elsewhere in the UK. The Tier-2 layer has been refreshed in 2020, increasing its capacity and further diversifying its hardware offering.

Detailed information on each of these services, their capabilities, service specific restrictions/requirements on proposals and indicative amounts of resource available can be found in Appendix 1 of the call document, see below. Please note that some Tier-2 services only accept applications from specific research areas.

How to Apply

Further information on the call and how to apply can be found in the Call Document in the ‘Resources’ section below. Once the application is prepared it should be submitted via the embedded smart survey link below. A two-stage application process will be used. Stage 1: applicants must submit a Technical Assessment to the service they are requesting access to, along with a short project description. Stage 2: applicants must then submit all relevant documentation via the embedded form on the EPSRC Call page.

Assessment Process

Applications to this call are not subject to postal peer review. The proposals will be reviewed and prioritised directly by a Resource Allocation Panel run by either a Tier-2 service or EPSRC in the case of ARCHER2.

Key Dates: 



Technical Assessment Deadline

16.00 Hours 7 August 2020

Closing Date for Applications

16.00 Hours 4 September 2020

HPC Triaging Committee: Pre Panel Meeting

Approx. 21 September 2020

Panel Meetings

w/c 2 November 2020

HPC Triaging Committee: Post Panel Meeting

Approx. 11 November 2020

Expected Project Start Dates

From 18 November 2020



EPSRC Contacts

Research Infrastructure Team