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The Healthcare Technologies Theme aims to invest in research to support the next generation of underpinning science and emerging technologies. The focus of this call is Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050; technologies expected to have an impact within the next 30 years for the NHS, community or home care and an ageing workforce. We are looking to support visionary projects which could create a step change in how healthcare is delivered.

EPSRC is holding an Analytical Science community workshop on the 23 October 2019. This workshop will bring together representatives from both industry and academia working within the EPSRC Analytical Science research area.

Funding Available: up to £4 million is available from EPSRC, with up to 3 million RMB available per project from Chinese applicants from NSFC. A maximum of £800,000 (80% FEC) can be requested from EPSRC per proposal.

How to apply: UK Applicants must submit an intent-to-submit via the online form on the EPSRC website call page by 23 July 2019. Full proposals must be submitted by 10 September 2019, via Je-S in the UK.

EPSRC Future Liquid Metal Engineering Hub is inviting proposals for innovative feasibility studies in the field of solidification science and technology in: heterogeneous nucleation, grain refinement and recycling of metallic materials.

This call is to invest in a new cohort of Tier 2 computing resources in the UK, in recognition that the existing centres may wish to seek a refresh or expansion of their hardware, and that new centres may emerge to address growing demands within the engineering and physical sciences research communities and to provide access to state of the art computational architectures.

UKRI (ESRC, AHRC, EPSRC and MRC) and the Canadian funding agencies (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) are offering an international, interdisciplinary joint call aimed at building competitive, resilient and healthy economies and societies through Responsible AI.

This call is to fund proposals to support the goal of the decarbonisation of heating and/or cooling. Proposals must be at least 50% within the remit of EPSRC.

Proposals can be for a research grant or for a Network Plus grant.

It is expected that the funding available for this call is approximately £8 million.  We anticipate that proposals may vary considerably in scale and scope depending on the planned approach.  Proposals should be for a maximum of £2 million and for a minimum of £500k.  Proposals should be for 36 to 48 months duration.


This call is to invite submissions of an Expression of Interest to exhibit at the Showcasing Physical Sciences Impact Event. EPSRC is looking for 10-15 eye-catching, hands-on exhibitions that demonstrate physical sciences research. The exhibits should be aimed at a non-expert but science literate audience. Exhibitors are encouraged to think about the variety of different forms impact can take when designing their exhibits: impact through knowledge; impact through people; societal, cultural and economic impact. Successful exhibitors will be invited to display their research at the event in London on Friday 6 December 2019, and will also be able to attend the other activities, including plenary talks, keynote speech and panel sessions.

Please note we are not looking for static displays/posters or overviews of current research which have yet to have demonstrable impact.

The EPSRC Manufacturing the Future theme invites standard research proposals for consideration at a manufacturing-focused prioritisation panel. A standard Manufacturing panel will be held every quarter (subject to sufficient demand). Proposals for any panel should address key research challenges facing manufacturing in the UK today and in the future. This activity is intended to highlight the theme’s long term ambition to increase the number of investigator- led research ideas we support.

The Manufacturing the Future theme will provide up to £12 million over two funding streams, to support a portfolio of manufacturing-relevant projects from emerging research areas, enabling new, potentially disruptive future manufacturing systems.

A future call for proposals for Natural Language Processing is planned for July 2019. This call recognises that many of the challenges addressed by the natural language processing are collaborative in nature, drawing upon expertise from a range of techniques including, but not limited to, machine learning, semantic techniques, reasoning, statistical analysis and the social sciences. In order to contribute a step change in this area, proposals must contain a new collaboration with one or more interdisciplinary partner (academic or industrial).

This call also encourages a responsible innovation approach in this research area, ensuring the benefits of intelligent technologies can be realised for the UK. 

The UK Research and Innovation Energy Programme, via EPSRC and ESRC, have now funded the Centre for Research in Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) as part of the second phase of strategy to support the broad community of researchers and innovators in energy demand in the UK. EPSRC is looking to fund additional research proposals concerning technologies to enable end use energy demand.

This call is to identify and support an in situ Laboratory X-Ray Computed Tomography (XCT) National Research Facility (NRF). The facility will enable world-leading research with the potential for commercial exploitation and ground-breaking impact on the UK economy as well as wider societal benefits. Total funding of up to £10M is available.

EPSRC seeks expressions of interest for the refresh of the membership of the Manufacturing the Future Early Career Forum.

The Digital Economy Theme, led by EPSRC within UKRI, seeks to support four to six research projects which address challenges that lie at the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber-security. This includes both security for AI and AI for security, aiming for better and more wide-spread adoption of trusted and secure AI systems across the UK’s digital economy. We expect projects to take a fundamentally applied and interdisciplinary approach, across ICT, DE, social sciences and user communities. The call will be launched in July 2019.

Collaborative Computational Projects (CCPs) are inclusive, community-wide initiatives bringing together engineering and physical sciences researchers and research software development expertise. CCPs comprise researchers and developers who collaborate on large-scale scientific software development projects, maintenance, distribution, training, and user support. 

This is the sixth call for Statements of Community Need for new and existing National Research Facilities that will support excellent engineering and physical sciences research.  The facilities provide leading edge capabilities and technique development at a national level and/or access to European research facilities.

The Digital Economy (DE) theme intends to launch a ‘Telling Tales of Engagement Competition’ (TTE) in August 2019 to help capture and promote the impact of UKRI funded DE research.

The EPSRC Funded AI3SD Network+ (Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence for Automated Investigations for Scientific Discovery) is pleased to announce their second Funding Call, with an application deadline of 19th December 2019.

Applications for fellowships at all levels are now open. There is a new framework which removes closing dates and eligibility requirements based on years of experience, and establishes a person specification against which applicants will be judged.

Preparatory access for researchers to test and develop their codes to ensure suitability for the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) Tier-0 systems.

Opportunity for Information and communications technologies researchers to pursue an immersive experience in other disciplines and user environments.

The Healthcare Technologies theme has prioritised funding to support novel investigator-led projects during 2017-18. We are inviting investigator-led proposals and intend to batch these through the year.

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