College member selection

The College enables the scientific community to identify those who they feel are suitable to review their proposals, so giving general quality assurance of EPSRC’s peer review process.

EPSRC has an Associate College, and a Full College. All new members are initially invited to join the Associate College, with the opportunity to be promoted to the Full College once they have fulfilled certain criteria. These include: providing details of their areas of expertise, completing College training, and completing useable validated reviews.

College members are appointed for a fixed term period, and can opt out at any time. The membership of the College is reviewed periodically to address any imbalances and to replace members who consistently fail to respond to EPSRC review requests.

Membership of the Associate College is via the following routes:

  1. Anyone appointed to an EPSRC fellowship (apart from postdoctoral fellows) is automatically invited onto the Associate College.
  2. Calls for members: EPSRC will periodically announce calls for members to fill gaps in the membership portfolio.
  3. EPSRC nomination: having a recent track record of reviewing, either through frequently being a nominated reviewer, or consistently writing reviews judged as appropriate and helpful at panel.
  4. Industrial partner nomination: EPSRC will periodically seek suggestions from our industrial partners for Associate College members drawn from organisations using research in industry, health service, public sector and charities.
  5. International partner nomination: EPSRC also periodically seeks suggestions from international partners, including via UK Research and Innovation International Offices, for appropriate Associate College members drawn from outside the UK.
  6. Self-nominations.  You may apply to be a member of the Associate College using the application form below.  Applicants will be assessed on their relevant experience, portfolio requirement for expertise and general diversity.

Please note:

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If you begin to complete the survey but leave without saving or finishing the survey, the data you enter may still be recorded. Therefore, please do not begin to start the survey unless you are prepared to save or finish it. 

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