Becoming a College member

The EPSRC College plays an integral part of our Peer Review process the College enables the scientific community to be nominated as suitable to review proposals, so giving general quality assurance of EPSRC’s peer review process.

All new members will have to complete our College training, providing an insider view of EPSRC’s peer review processes and valuable tips on writing high quality reviews that will help you, as well as the peers you are reviewing for. New members will also be asked to provide details of their expertise on our Je-S system, to allow us to best match you to relevant proposals for reviewing and serving on our panels where appropriate. Once you have completed the training and provided your expertise details, we will add you to our College and look forward to working with you!

The membership of the College is reviewed periodically to address any imbalances and to replace members who have not responded to EPSRC review requests over a period of time. Please know that you can always notify us of any career breaks or changes in situation that may prevent you from reviewing/and or serving on our panels. Once you are appointed to the College, you can opt out at any time.

There are several routes to becoming a College member, all will be subject to completing the online College training and Je-S details:

  1. Self-nomination.  We encourage you to apply to become a College member using the application form below.  Applicants will be assessed on their relevant experience and our portfolio requirement for expertise.
  2. Recipients of an EPSRC fellowship award (apart from postdoctoral fellowships) will be invited to join our College.
  3. Calls for members: EPSRC will periodically announce calls for members to fill gaps in the membership portfolio.
  4. EPSRC nomination: having a recent track record of reviewing, either through frequently being a nominated reviewer, or consistently writing reviews judged as appropriate and helpful at panel.
  5. Industrial partner nomination: EPSRC encourage our industrial partners to proactively nominate members from organisations using research in industry, health service, public sector and charities.
  6. International partner nomination: EPSRC encourage our international partners to proactively nominate members including via UK Research and Innovation International Offices

Who are we looking for to join our College? Who is eligible?

We are looking for College members from academic and non-academic backgrounds (i.e., commercial/ industrial, health services public services and charity roles). We are looking for UK and International College members.

We welcome applications from a broad range of roles and expect you to provide evidence of significant experience and expertise in areas such as:

  • Scientific expertise
  • Grant and/or project management
  • Multi-disciplinary work
  • Public engagement
  • Collaborative work (academic and non-academic)
  • International work
  • Influencing policy
  • Working with clinicians