Standard Research

Standard Grants are very flexible, with the scale of projects supported ranging from small value, short term grants to multi-million pound research programmes. A wide variety of activities are supported, including feasibility studies, instrument development, equipment to support a number of research projects, overseas travel grants, and long-term proposals to develop or maintain critical mass. High risk/high return research proposals, embracing new concepts or techniques, are particularly encouraged.

The key features of standard grant funding are:

  • No closing dates - applications may be submitted at any time.
  • No limit on the value or length of the grant.
  • No constraint on the field of research, providing the majority of it falls within our remit but the research must consider the EPSRC portfolio that we are shaping. Prominence is given to the Principal Investigator as the creative figure who determines the direction of the research.
  • International excellence and national importance, as defined by independent peer review, are the main criteria against which proposals are assessed. We actively encourage the involvement of collaborators from industry, commerce or other organisations on research base funding research proposals. However, funding from a third-party is not mandatory.

EPSRC's remit and funding across Research Councils

The majority of the research you are proposing should be within the areas of engineering and the physical sciences.


We encourage research collaborations with business and the public sector, particularly where they can help research advances and the take-up of results.

If you want to work with another university, we are happy to receive proposals from two or more organisations that, when taken together, form a coherent project.

How to apply

Before applying please visit the opportunity on the UKRI Funding Finder to find out more about standard research grants.

Proposals should be submitted through the Research Councils' Joint electronic submission (Je-S) system. Select document type 'standard research'. You need a Je-S account so that you can prepare and submit your proposal.

What happens next

When we receive your Standard Research proposal, we check that the documentation is complete and that the research proposed is within our remit. We then register it on our system and assign it to the most appropriate EPSRC Theme. The main criterion for assessing proposals is research quality as determined by independent peer review. We will send your proposal to at least three referees for their comments. If there is sufficient support, your proposal will generally be considered in competition with others at a prioritisation panel.


Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to talk to you about your ideas for research projects, and can advise you about EPSRC’s remit and potential sources of funding. If you're planning to apply for funding for a large project, for example with a large consortium or more than one research theme, please talk to us before you submit a proposal.