Host organisation statement for New Investigator Awards

New Investigator Award proposals must be accompanied by a host organisation statement which should clearly answer the questions listed below and be tailored to the individual development aspirations of the applicant.

The host university’s level of support forms part of the proposal assessment. Peer review is asked to comment on the appropriateness of the support on the New Investigator reviewer guidance and form.

Applicants are encouraged to have early discussions with their institutions to identify what training and development opportunities are available to meet their aspirations over the duration of the proposal.

The Host Organisation Statement is an important feature of this award which should draw on the discussions between the applicant and head of department and clearly answer the questions below:

  • What university appraisal process has the proposal been through before submission?
  • What support has been provided during the development of this proposal?
  • How do the applicant’s expertise and interests fit current and future departmental research strategies?
  • How will this proposal help the applicant to develop their research with a UK focus but the potential to be internationally leading?
  • How has the applicant demonstrated their ability to manage the resources requested?
  • How will the university support the applicant to ensure that all students/research associates supervised by the applicant have a good quality experience?
  • What mentoring arrangements are in place?
  • What development and training opportunities will be provided and how do they form a cohesive career development package tailored to the aims and aspirations of the applicant?
  • How will the applicant be supported to develop their research interests and career if this proposal is successful?

Where possible, generic statements should be avoided and should clearly articulate what support will be available/received and how it integrates with the proposed research to deliver a comprehensive training package.

Applicants should take a broad view of what host organisation support is required, not limited to financial or personnel contributions whilst ensuring that the package is tailored to their individual aspirations.

Level of support expected from the Host Organisation

  • Full access to labs and other university facilities with associated administrative/technical support
  • Dedicated mentor(s) identified and roles of each mentor including frequency of meeting/extent of support set out
  • Professional development activities identified which have been tailored to the needs of the applicant (see section on career development above)
  • Reduction in teaching/administrative load (Note that having teaching/admin duties can often be a useful part of academic life/becoming part of the university so if the current level of teaching/admin is suitable for the applicant to carry out alongside the research grant, no reduction is required.) In both cases, the HO should explain in the covering letter how the individual will be supported in terms of workload.
  • Sufficient support to ensure that all students/research associates supervised by the applicant have a good quality experience.
  • As per the standard EPSRC funding guidance, if the project requires the purchase of equipment with a value greater than £10,000, we would expect the Host Organisation to contribute a minimum of 20% of the capital cost.

EPSRC reserves the right at any time to check that extra resources promised in the host organisation statement are given to the applicant as stated.