Host organisation statement for New Investigator Awards

New Investigator Award proposals should be accompanied by a statement from the host university, typically from the applicant’s head of department, that:

  • Describes the university’s commitment to developing the applicant’s research career
  • Confirms the applicants appointment details and, if relevant, period of probation

The host university’s level of support forms part of the proposal assessment. Peer review is asked to comment on the appropriateness of the support on the New Investigator reviewer guidance and form.

Career development commitments made for the new academic should be over and above the usual salary and premises costs provided. Please answer the following questions in the statement:

  • How do the applicant’s expertise and interests fit current and future departmental research strategies?
  • How will this proposal help the applicant to develop their research with a UK focus but the potential to be internationally leading?
  • What mentoring arrangements are in place?
  • What development and training opportunities will be provided?
  • How will the applicant be supported to develop their research interests and career if this proposal is successful?
  • What university appraisal process has the proposal been through before submission?
  • What support has been provided during the development of this proposal?
  • How has the applicant demonstrated their ability to manage the resources requested?
  • What support the applicant will receive over and above existing career development schemes provided by the host organisation.

The host organisation statement forms an important part of the proposal assessment. Proposals without a supporting statement, or with insufficient evidence of host university support, will be rejected.

EPSRC reserves the right at any time to check that extra resources promised in the host organisation statement are given to the applicant as stated.