How to apply for a New Investigator Award

Funding Guide

Before applying, you'll need to check that you are eligible to receive funding from EPSRC. Our funding guide covers eligibility, together with what you can apply for and grant terms and conditions.

Additionally please check the New Investigator Award scheme eligibility guidance. Advice and conditions in our funding guide apply to New Investigator Awards unless the scheme guidance indicates otherwise.

Proposals should be submitted through the Research Councils' Joint electronic submission Je-S system. Select document type 'New Investigator Award'. You need a Je-S account so that you can prepare and submit your proposal.

Preparing a Proposal

The proposal consists of an electronic application form and a number of other documents. As well as filling in the form, you must prepare:

  • Case for Support,
  • Workplan
  • Justification of Resources

Please see Documents to include in a proposal for further guidance on these attachments and other optional attachments.


Co-Investigators on a New Investigator Award must work in a different discipline to the Principal Investigator, and be establishing a multidisciplinary link by taking part in the project. Therefore, researchers from the same department or closely-related research topic would be unacceptable.

How New Investigator Award proposals are assessed by peer review

Applications follow the standard process as defined in the assessment process overview.

New Investigator Award proposals are ranked in competition with each other, but separately to proposals from established researchers at Prioritisation Panels. 

For assessment criteria guidance and reviewer forms please refer to New Investigator Award reviewer guidance and form.