PhD studentships

Is it possible to fund a PhD studentship on a New Investigator Award?

No, we do not support PhD students on New Investigator Awards.

Is it possible to use other sources of funding to support a student alongside a New Investigator Award?

It is expected that part of the developmental aspect of a New Investigator Award will involve support from the university and, where possible, an assigned student. This may be drawn from the DTP or a CDT. If a studentship is aligned in this way, it should be clear in the case for support and work-plan how the work of the student will both contribute to the project and ensure successful completion of the students PhD. Universities should pay particular attention to ensure that the new investigator is properly supported and mentored through their supervision of the student, and that adequate attention is paid to the training of both the student and the investigator. We would expect this to form part of the university support letter.

Investigators cannot request doctoral training partnership (DTP) or Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) students' fees or stipend on a New Investigator Award, but a DTP or CDT student may work alongside them on proposed research project.  Where costs are project specific but involve the student (e.g. consumables for completion of the project, travel costs to project specific meetings) these may be claimed where they would not form part of that which should be provided by the student’s training grant.

Is it possible to use externally funded students on a New Investigator Award?

Externally funded students may work on a New Investigator Award in the same way as described above. Their funding source should be properly explained within the application.