General questions (assessment, resources, etc.)

How are New Investigator Award proposals handled at the panel?

Proposals submitted to the New Investigator Award scheme and the Standard Research scheme will be assessed at a single prioritisation panel meeting. New Investigator Awards are scored and ranked separately to Standard Research proposals during the prioritisation panel, since the two schemes have different objectives and assessment criteria. However, applications should be aware that New Investigator Awards and Standard Research proposals are funded from the same budget. Accordingly, the number of successful New Investigator Awards depends on the overall quality of all proposals at the panel and the funding available.

Do I need to include a CV from the applicant in my application?

No, this is not a required document for an applicant to the New Investigator Award scheme. You will require a CV for any named PDRAs or visiting researchers on the grant.

Am I allowed a Co-Investigator on a New Investigator Award?

If the grant crosses disciplinary boundaries, a Co-Investigator is permitted if it is demonstrated they are from a different discipline to the Principal Investigator. For example, we would usually not expect the Co-Investigator to be from the same department as the Principal Investigator.

Can I include equipment or Instrument development on a New Investigator Award?

Yes, if it is project specific and under the OJEU limit. Please refer to the project outline and resources table in the eligibility web page for details of what equipment may be applied for.

Can I have project partners on a New Investigator Award?


Can I transfer with my New Investigator Award to a different Institution?

Yes, if there is a minimum of six months duration left on the grant. A request to transfer to another Host Organisation should be submitted via Je-S grant maintenance and include a Host Organisation Statement (HOS) from the receiving Research Organisation. The HOS should promise a similar or greater level of support than the original statement, and in general should be provided by the head of department. See also Transferring Grants.

Can my New Investigator Award be transferred to a new PI?

No, a New Investigator Award can only be held by the original applicant.