Change from First Grants to New Investigator

When did the New Investigator Award replace the First Grant scheme?

The New Investigator Award replaced the First Grant scheme on 25 July 2017.

What are the main differences between the New Investigator Award and the First Grant scheme?

The New Investigator Award was introduced as a replacement to the First Grant scheme in order to increase flexibility and therefore improve the quality and ambition of research proposals submitted.

The main changes from the First Grant scheme to the New Investigator Awards are summarised below:

  • Removal of the financial value and duration caps
  • A greater emphasis on the provision of university support to aid career development
  • Removal of the time based eligibility criteria, ensuring support for researchers who are new to leading research applications

Encouragement for the panels to recommend invited resubmission and give feedback to support this more often than they would for standard grant applications.