Intelligent energy aware networks

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The ‘Intelligent Energy aware networks’ research group at The University of Leeds was another team that applied for Creativity@home funding as a way of exploring a number of different directions in which they could take their research, in this case, exploring the field of network architecture, protocols and hardware. Further objectives of the group were to develop a problem solving, creative thinking process that could be used throughout the project and suit the needs of the Postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, the outreach group and industrial collaborators working on the grant. Like other groups, they too wanted to explore the use of digital virtual world collaboration software as a means of making communication more efficient.


The team organised a facilitated workshop at the beginning of the programme, attended by the investigators, Postdoctoral researchers and PhD students on the project and which presented a number of useful techniques in the facilitation of creative thinking and problem solving in large groups. It also allowed for the review of research priorities in relation to energy efficiency in communication networks, and a congregation of geographically split research groups.


Immediate impacts from the workshop were seen in the creation of an online video learning course which ‘reinforced the creative learning experience and enabled the researchers to explore the concepts over a longer time period’ – Professor Jaafar Elmirghani (principal investigator). The effect the event had on teambuilding was also clearly evident, as it created an opportunity for members on the project to strengthen personal relations and explore potential collaborations.

“Creativity@home introduced the group to a number of techniques useful in the facilitation of creative thinking and problem solving in large groups. It tested and challenged the research priorities and beliefs held by the researchers. It was very useful in reflecting on the priorities and setting up new directions. It was also an opportunity for members of the project to spend time to know each other better and explore joint work.” - Professor Jaafar Elmirghani