Elite Sport Performance Research In Training (ESPRIT) with pervasive sensing

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The ESPRIT team at Imperial College London aimed to use Creativity@home funding to stimulate creative and adventurous approaches to identify new research opportunities and creative technologies, as well as challenging approaches to specific technical milestones to ensure timely assessment of strategic direction.

The hope was that this would encourage postdoctoral researchers to spearhead and take ownership of blue sky-idea generation directly in contact with elite athletes, coaching and support teams. This ‘creative culture’ would hopefully be embedded within the ESPRIT team to accelerate knowledge transfer between the research base and sports industry.


The group organised a facilitator led training event, as well as parallel workshops during the annual ESPRIT conference. Furthermore, a facilitation company was commissioned to construct a virtual reality model of their centre consisting of three themed research areas: sensing, robotics and imaging. Finally, a technical retreat with one of the sports teams and industrial collaborators was organised to accelerate knowledge transfer.


The team members have reportedly found the activities to be very useful as the format of the events seemed to be very efficient and beneficial to their research. The face-to-face meeting provided an ideal forum for the development of ideas and the Creativity@home funding grew the capacity for this interaction and the methodologies learnt are now used in other projects.

“The overall experience of Creativity@home has been very positive” – Professor Guang-Zhong Yang (Principal Investigator)