Multidisciplinary Computer-Human Interaction research for the design and safe use of interactive medical devices (CHI+MED)

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The research group investigating ‘computer-human interaction research for the design and safe use of interactive medical devices’ (CHI+MED) had the intention of using Creativity@home funding to review and critique existing approaches to interdisciplinary working, as well as identifying and developing radically new techniques and ideas for bridging between the different disciplines represented within the research project.

The hope was that a congregation of research groups would also enable the identification of ways to generate mutual benefit from engaging with different communities, within and outside academia, whilst consequently developing skills of participants in generating creative ideas.


The group hired facilitators to work with them in two workshops, focusing on approaches to effective interdisciplinary working and on bridging between basic science and engagement with practitioners and users of the research. The facilitator also introduced and made use of creativity techniques which were then fed into later meetings.


The introduction of facilitators allowed engagement between the group in a new, more relaxed and open way. Consequently, idea generation was allowed to flourish and some of the activities formed the basis for ongoing integrational work across the programme, something that fed into future meetings, and ultimately into project outcomes.

“The simple experience of having a facilitator at a meeting was very liberating, allowing us to engage with each other in new (and more relaxed and open) ways. We recognised the value of this at the first meeting and have now had other facilitated meetings to make progress on some challenging issues in the programme.” – Professor Ann Blandford (Principal Investigator)