How do I apply for creativity@home?

Creativity@home is an initiative that has been developed to help you make the best use of the flexibility you have been given throughout your award.

What is Creativity@home?

For more information, please visit the Creativity@home page.

Interested? How can you access Creativity@home for your group?

Due to the success of the Creativity@home pilot EPSRC would like to extend the Creativity@home opportunity to all EPSRC grant holders. Please note that specific calls may also offer Creativity@home opportunities to applicants. In this case, please read the guidelines in the call carefully.

You and your group are the key resource for Creativity@home. The facilitators will work in partnership with you throughout the initiative - the timescale and all facilitation activities will be planned in consultation with you. The facilitators will focus on the process enabling you to think freely and explore new and exciting research directions.

Creativity@home will typically cost circa £20,000 (80% full economic costing (fEC)) for four days full-time equivalent (FTE) for professional facilitators. Creativity@home is a flexible resource, for example four days FTE may be split into eight 0.5 days of four 0.5 days plus a two day ideas generation workshop. How best to use the resource is up to you to decide when explaining options with your chosen facilitators.

If your application is successful, EPSRC will provide you with a list of facilitation companies that you may contact. Of course, you may already work with a facilitator; in this case, EPSRC is pleased for you to continue your engagement.

If you are interested in experiencing Creativity@home then you should request resource to cover this in your grant application as follows:

  • Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) form – include appropriate resource to cover the activity under the heading ‘Other Directly incurred Costs’.
  • Justification of resources – justify the need for the resource. How might Creativity@home enhance and strengthen your research. Broadly articulate what type of creativity you are interested in pursuing and the associated need for the resource.
  • Management strategy document (Programme Grants specifically) – include details of your objectives for Creativity@home and how the resource will be managed to deliver added benefit to your group and research programme.

The interview panel will assess the benefit of the Creativity@home activity to maximising the potential of your group and your ambitious research plans throughout the life of your project.

If you are applying for Creativity@home via a Call for proposals, please refer to any specific guidelines given in the Call document and / or contact the named EPSRC contact for that Call.


We will keep in touch with you in the normal way through your EPSRC contact to find out about your experiences, and we will expect you to cover Creativity@home in any progress and final reports.

For more information

For more information on this initiative please contact: