EPSRC funding for International collaboration

As well as acting to further UK researchers’ involvement in EU research programmes, we work proactively with partners in China, India, Japan and the US in targeted joint funding initiatives. In line with RCUK strategy to promote collaboration between the best UK and overseas researchers, these four countries are prioritised either because they are historically strong in engineering and the physical and mathematical sciences, or else they are rapidly growing their capabilities in our research areas.

RCUK have established offices in China, India and the USA to facilitate collaborations.

Standard Research Grants, including Platform and Programme Grants

Support for international collaboration can be in any research application to EPSRC, including travel, and subsistence and consumables for research staff to visit or have extended work placements to a partner's laboratory overseas. This is as well as the usual UK-based costs like staff, equipment, UK travel, and subsistence and consumables. This funding is flexible, so could be used to fill UK postdoctoral researcher positions with candidates from an international partner's laboratory subject to university recruitment guidance and visa requirements.

Bilateral Research Workshops

N + N meetings can be held to exchange international ideas and expertise, with the hope of developing future collaboration. Roughly equal numbers of participants attend from each country. EPSRC fund travel and accommodation expenses of UK participants and, for UK meetings, core meeting costs.

It is preferred that a single UK participant coordinates the UK side and submits a single standard research grant proposal to cover all the UK side's costs. It is strongly advised that a discussion be held with the relevant EPSRC Theme Lead before submitting a proposal.


These UK-based activities link research groups and industrial organisations, often across disciplines, to develop new or enhanced collaborations. Funding is available to support workshops, visits, travel and part-time coordinators. Networks can include overseas partners.