Programme Grants - pre-outline stage

Potential applicants must contact one of the Programme Grant contacts to discuss their interest and suitability in applying for a Programme Grant by submitting a two-page pre-outline document as detailed below. At the pre-outline stage EPSRC will discuss with applicants how the proposed research relates to EPSRC's portfolio and future strategy, and its fit and appropriateness to the Programme Grant Scheme. Some applicants will not be invited to progress to the next stage.

Format of the pre-outline document

Applicants will need to send the Programme Grant contact the following information to feed into the discussion (maximum two pages):

  • A brief description of the research vision and an overview of the scientific challenges and research that will be involved in realising this.
  • Timeliness - why does this research need to be funded in the current or subsequent financial year?
  • The international esteem factors and funding track records of themselves and their team. EPSRC is encouraging a 'best with best' approach to tackling the key research challenges and so the composition of the team is vitally important. If the team members already have their own Programme Grants or are Co-Investigators on other Programme Grants then please explain why they need to be on this one and how they have the time to contribute to this.
  • A brief explanation for why the Programme Grant scheme is the most appropriate. How do the research projects inter-link? Why can they not be tackled individually or what is the added value in them being tackled via an inter-linked approach? Why is flexible resource required?
  • A brief description of the National Importance of the research. Describe the extent to which, over the long term, for example 10-50 years, the research proposed:
    • contributes to, or helps maintain the health of other research disciplines, contributes to addressing key UK societal challenges, contributes to current or future UK economic success and / or enables future development of key emerging industry(s)
    • meets national strategic needs by establishing or maintaining a unique world leading research activity (including areas of niche capability)
    • fits with and complements other UK research already funded in the area or related areas, including the relationship to the EPSRC portfolio and our stated strategy set out in 'Our Portfolio'.
  • How the research contributes to the EPSRC's research areas and strategies (many projects will be relevant to more than one EPSRC research area). Include information on where a successful research programme would position the UK in the global research landscape and who the international leaders in the area are. Information on EPSRC's current grant portfolio is available through the EPSRC's Grants on the Web (GoW).
  • How this research complements EPSRC’s current portfolio. In particular, how it relates to the other funded Programme Grants or large EPSRC investments? Where such investments exist in the same research area(s) then please explain why we need to support another one.

Any applicant considering applying for equipment should refer to the equipment webpages. Where a single capital item costs more than the OJEU limit this must be discussed with the Programme Grant contact at this stage. Please note that all proposals submitted to EPSRC should adhere to the equipment process.

Guidance for Previous Programme Grant holders

The following should be included in addition to the information detailed above and within the two page limit.

  • Timeliness - please explain how this is a significantly different research challenge to your existing Programme Grant
  • Track record - Please explain what changes to the team have been made and why