Programme Grants

Programme Grants are a mechanism to provide flexible funding to world-leading research groups to address significant major research challenges. They are intended to support world leading researchers, bringing together ‘best with best’ teams to undertake a variety of activities focusing on one strategic research theme. Programme Grants can be awarded for up to a six year duration. It is expected that most Programme Grants will be interdisciplinary and collaborative but they can address key challenges in a single discipline. They are seen by EPSRC as critical mass investments which cover a diverse engineering and physical sciences (EPS) portfolio and benefit UK research through the concentration of high performing talent. Programme Grants are not just large grants but must be strategic in nature. It is also likely that the majority will require the expertise of a number of internationally recognised scientists or engineers.

Programme Grants are assessed in a different way to standard grants. Applicants must go through a pre-outline and outline stage before being invited to submit a full proposal.

For more information on the improvements to the Programme Grant scheme please contact one of the Programme Grant contacts listed.