Project partners letter of support

A Project Partner is a collaborating organisation who will have an integral role in the proposed research. This may include in-kind or cash contributions such as expertise, staff time, use of facilities, etc.

Project Partners cannot receive funding directly from the grant; the only exception to this is where a Project Partner is providing services or equipment that will go through a formal procurement process audited by the host research organisation. The Project Partner cannot receive any other funds from the grant, such as travel and subsistence.

If there are Project Partners collaborating on a research project, EPSRC requires a Letter of Support. Well-written letters can significantly strengthen research proposals by demonstrating the benefits of the collaboration, and the potential impacts of the research. It also allows partners to highlight why they support the proposal, and what they hope to get out of it.

What is it for?

The Letter of Support is part of a proposal's Case for Support which is sent to reviewers for assessment. Reviewers are asked if the collaboration is appropriate, and whether appropriate routes and resources have been identified for knowledge exchange. If reviews are sufficiently supportive, a prioritisation panel ranks proposals against others based on the reviewers' comments. Panel members are given copies of the full proposal including Letters of Support to help them in their task.

What to include

Project Partner Letters of Support are part of the grant application and should be provided on headed paper, dated within six months of the application submission date, and signed by the collaborating organisation's named contact.

The letter should address:

  • Why they are partners on the project;
  • what they hope to get out of the collaboration;
  • what they will contribute toward the project, including any cash and in-kind contributions (which can include staff time, access to equipment in your organisation, provision of data, software or materials - expressed as cash equivalent).