How to submit proposals

Proposals must be submitted through the Joint electronic submission (Je-S) system that is used by all seven Research Councils to provide electronic grant services for faster processing.

Applying for funding

To submit an application to EPSRC, the applicant and their organisation need to have an account on the Je-S system. Ensure new accounts are sought well in advance of the planned submission date for any proposal.

Proposals submitted by applicants are first sent to their organisation’s Submitters Pool, where they are checked, before being submitted to the councils.

Further information about how to use the Je-S system can be found in the Je-S help text.

Calls for proposals

If submitting a proposal in response to a Call for Proposals, follow the instructions within the Call Document: it will specify a closing date, and which document type, scheme and call to select in Je-S. Leave enough time for your organisation’s submission process before the Call closing date.

Returning proposals

Proposals may be returned so data and attachments can be added or amended. If changes need to be made to a proposal, EPSRC will send it back to the research organisation’s Submitter Pool and the Je-S system will notify the applicants and research offices by email. The email will: explain why the proposal has been returned, give instructions for amendments and resubmission, and give a due date for return.

EPSRC will only return a proposal for amendment once, so ensure the proposal is correct before sending it back to us.


If you have any queries about using the Je-S system, please contact the Je-S Helpdesk (01793 444164).