Introduction to research grant funding

The funding area of the website covers all aspects of research grants. It gives details of the arrangements and application procedures.

The terms and conditions of research grants and research fellowships apply to all UK Research and Innovation grants and are provided for information and completeness. Grant offer letters will include a set of current standard conditions, and it is these that will, in general, govern the management of individual grants.

EPSRC reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time and without prior notice. The regulations in effect at any time will be those available on the EPSRC website, funding information should be consulted in conjunction with the UK Research and Innovation fEC grant terms and conditions.

Declarations of Interest for Grant Applicants

The Research Councils’ Code of Conduct and Policy on the Governance of Good Research Conduct outlines the expectation that applicants for Research Council funding are expected to observe the highest standards of integrity, honesty and professionalism and to embed good practice in every aspect of their work. As part of this, any private, personal or commercial interests relating to an application for funding to the Research Councils must be declared in a covering letter included as an application attachment.

Guidance on providing declarations of interest is available on the UK Research and Innovation website.

Standards of Service

EPSRC is committed to providing a high quality, responsive and accessible service to all the organisations and individuals with which we interact. Details of our research administration service standards, and information about the processes we use to respond to complaints are both available on the EPSRC site.


We are happy to provide advice on any aspect of our research funding arrangements. There is a directory of contacts on the EPSRC website.