Remit queries

Remit Queries

For interdisciplinary research at the interface between Research Councils, it is often difficult to know which council a proposal should be submitted to. Before you commit yourself to producing a full proposal that may cross Research Council remits, we encourage you to contact us to discuss which council is most appropriate. To best advise you where to submit your proposal, please send us a short synopsis of your idea using the remit query process explained below.

Query form

For research ideas at the interface between engineering, physical sciences or any other themes, please complete the Remit Query Form below. It is not necessary to provide detailed background information, references or costs relating to your research within the form; it is more helpful to explain clearly research aims, plans, and where you think that the main novelty of the project lies.

What happens next

Our Remit Group meets weekly to discuss received queries, and consult colleagues within EPSRC and other Research Councils to give the best advice possible on how to proceed with your proposal. If it is decided your proposal is best suited to another Research Council, EPSRC will refer you to that Council's remit group. If you have any further questions please contact EPSRC Remit Queries.

Please note:

The questions within the survey embedded on this page are available to download and view in PDF format in the 'Resources' section. Please read through the questions in the PDF before starting to complete the survey.

Once you have begun the survey, you can save and continue the survey by clicking on the 'Save and Continue Later' button, providing your name and email address. Your local firewall may prevent you from receiving the email to be able to complete the survey later. Also, if you do receive the email it might go to your junk email folder.

If you begin to complete the survey but leave without saving or finishing the survey, the data you enter may still be recorded. Therefore, please do not begin to start the survey unless you are prepared to save or finish it. 

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