Proof of concept studies in healthcare

EPSRC does not fund clinical trials i.e. studies that involve large numbers of animals/patients. However, costs may be requested for Proof of Concept (PoC) studies i.e. where initial data from a small number of tests is being gathered to validate and inform the continual development of the technology developed as part of the project. Such studies are expected to be at the end of an EPSRC proposal and act as an initial validation of feasibility before further funding is sought elsewhere. The list below details some of the costs associated with PoC studies that may be requested from EPSRC and should be fully justified:

  • Medical imaging costs
  • Equipment and consumables - please refer to additional guidance on equipment and animals (purchasing, housing, maintenance). These must be included in the separate animal costs field of the Je-S form (see the Animal Costs section in the Standard Proposals guidance, of the Je-S Handbook). Further information can be found in the guidance for applicants (PDF)
  • Associated technician time
  • Patient transport costs
  • Patient incentive costs

Costs can be requested for the use of animals for PoC studies. Please refer to the EPSRC policy on use of animals in research for more details. EPSRC reserves the right to seek expert opinions on the animal trials design if significant concerns are raised about the viability of your experiments.

If you have any queries about how this aspect of your proposal please speak to a member of the Healthcare Technologies Theme before submission.