Funding across research councils

EPSRC work with other Research Councils at the boundaries of our remit to ensure there are no gaps in funding, so proposals at the interfaces of traditional research disciplines have the same support structure as those that fall well within Research Council remits.

Cross-Council funding agreement August 2006

All Standard Research applications extending beyond a single council's remit will be assessed by Peer Reviewers from across the relevant research disciplines.

Decisions will be made through a single council's Peer Review process, but any significant element within another council's remit will be funded by that council.

How it works

If we feel an application submitted to EPSRC extends into other council’s remit, we will discuss the proposal with colleagues in other research councils. We will agree which council should lead in reviewing the proposal, and make the award if successful. Other councils will nominate reviewers and, if appropriate, may contribute funding.