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A decade on from the start of the Digital Economy Theme, the world has been transformed by digital technology.

This infographic highlights facts and figures for the new 75 funded Centres

On the 26 July 2018, EPSRC held a one-day workshop at the Holiday Inn, Bristol, in order to bring together a range of technical experts to discuss research challenges and requirements.

Throughout the UK, EPSRC-supported scientists, mathematicians and engineers are pioneering greener, more sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing global challenges - from ocean pollution to energy and water poverty. Pioneer 19 is dedicated to their work.

This brochure highlights how EPSRC is stimulating innovation through the next generation of researchers

Through 2017 the EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Theme ran a review of Complexity Science. This report presents advice from the community and summary of the outcomes and discussions of a scoping workshop, community consultation and a community workshop. Over 2018, as part of our balancing capability strategy, EPSRC will consider this report in creating future strategy for Complexity Sciences.

A report on the impact of the national ARCHER high performance computing service.

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