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Our corporate publications, which includes newsletters, brochures, magazines, guidance, HLPS', reports and reviews. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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EPSRC has carried out reviews of materials science and (in collaboration with Innovate UK) on academic/industrial links in materials. We hope that the contents of the reports will stimulate the community to play an active role in developing the area.

Report on the Retreat held on the 07 and 08 May 2014 to identify possible Engineering Grand Challenges. The document includes a description of the Challenges and response from the Engineering Strategic Advisory Team and selected members of the community.

Details of the 2013-14 research proposal funding rates.

This study focused on identifying and then analysing multidisciplinary health/life science and engineering/physical science collaborative centres or their equivalents within the 32 most research intensive UK universities and comparing those with internationally prominent HLS research institutes.

The government places a high priority on health and life sciences (HLS) research. However, what is often less apparent is the extent to which HLS research is dependent on engineering and physical sciences (EPS).

The strength of UK physics is highlighted in this report prepared by Science-Metrix for the Institute of Physics (IOP), the Engineering and Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). The report examines the patterns of performance in physics research in the UK.

EPSRC's Annual Report and Accounts 2013/14 reviews our work and achievements through the year, illustrating how we have continued to work in partnership to maximise our investment in world class research in order to deliver the impact so vitally important to the UK.

This newsletter includes: the Independent Review of EPSRC Peer Review with recommendations and associated actions, Conflicts of Interest policy, the Cross Council Funding Agreement, the EPSRC Peer Review Extranet, and changes to the EPSRC website including the introduction of the Visualising our Portfolio tool.

Action plan created to address the recommendations of the review of EPSRC peer review.

This Delivery Plan provides a high-level overview of our plans for the period 2015/16

The 12th edition of our magazine. A special 20th anniversary edition covering EPSRC’s first ten years.

Report from the independent review of EPSRC's peer review processes, commissioned in October 2012 by the EPSRC Council.

EPSRC response to the EPSRC theme day on chemical biology and biological chemistry took place in London on 03 December 2013.

Report on the outcomes of the pilot including Introduction, Advanced Materials and pilot methodology.

Report on the The EPSRC theme day on Chemical Biology and Biological Chemistry that took place in London on 03 December 2013.

A list of the expertise of the attendees of the systems engineering workshop held on 15 February 2011.

This report considers the importance of the role of engineering and physical sciences (EPS) in health and life sciences (HLS) research and explores how the dependence is likely to develop in the future.

Details of the 2005-06 research proposal funding rates.

2004 Mathematics International Review - Action Plan

Findings and observations of the independent panel.

The Nanotechnology Theme Day Report found that there were flaws in the present structure of nanotechnology R&D and concluded that there was a need to focus and strengthen the UK research effort. This document is a response to that Report, and calls upon the Research Councils for immediate action.

The presentation of the EPSRC SATs conference where the EPSRC's Strategic Advisory Teams came together to provide input into the future challenges and share ideas.

The EPSRC Research Performance and Economic Impact Report incorporates highlights from the year 2012/13

A review of the UK quantum technology landscape, including potential defence and security applications.

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