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Our corporate publications, which includes newsletters, brochures, magazines, guidance, HLPS', reports and reviews. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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Report of the workshop held on Wednesday 10 June 2009.

Third edition of our new quarterly magazine. Find out about the new techniques illuminating DNA evidence, how the world's thinnest material is set to make a big impact, how vital evidence from the recent Italian earthquake will help improve buildings and infrastructure and other features.

Transcript of the town meeting that represented the international review of chemistry report

Report of the workshop held on Wednesday 24 May 2009.

Chemistry international review panel review of chemistry research throughout the United Kingdom

Report of the workshop held on 03 March 2009 to scope the develop and promote a strategic research agenda to address sustainability of energy in communities and to strengthen the capability of the UK research base in energy and communities.

Report of the workshop held on Tuesday 24 March 2009.

Document providing the review panel with accessible evidence gathered from a wide range of sources. Including an insight to the structures funding mechanisms and government policies which had bearing on chemistry in the UK. It also provided background information on EPSRC.

Presentation by Professor Daniel Atkins at the town meeting held on 09 February 2010 based on the report of the international panel for the 2009 review of the UK Research Councils e-Science Programme. Please note the file size of this document, and also that due to technical reasons, it is not completely "accessible" to users of assistive technologies

Report of the communications theme day workshop held on Tuesday 24 February 2009.

Second edition of our new quarterly magazine. Find out how a new wind energy training centre is powering the quest to meet renewable targets, how a new wave power device could harness the power of Scotland’s seas, how data analysis systems are keeping planes flying high and buses running on time and other features.

International review of the people in systems theme day held on 15 January 2009.

Action plan in response to the international review of UK materials research

First edition of our new quarterly magazine. Find out about the science behind the world’s fastest car, how those who evacuated the World Trade Center on 9/11 are helping to create a safer high-rise future, how affordable LEDs could light the low energy pathway and other features.

Details of the 2007-08 research proposal funding rates.

This newsletter includes an invitation to comment on how EPSRC operates peer review, and the results of a survey of reviewers.

Overview report of the 2008 Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs) conference highlighting the scientific and technological challenges facing us.

Stimulus techniques to engage the public and specialists in informed discussions around nanotechnology.

2008 Report of the workshop which discussed the issues and challenges surrounding the digital economy programme

This newsletter includes an introduction of Dave Delpy, information about being a college member, and what activities their are available.

The 2008 report on consultation exercise and update on future plans for the area.

This report summarises the activities and outputs emerging from the Connecting Complexity Science and Energy Workshop held on 28th and 29th February 2008.

Report of workshop to encourage interdisciplinary work between physics and life sciences

The 2008 materials international review Panel has completed a week long review of materials research throughout the UK. This document presents the perceptions and recommendations of the review.

Details of the 2006-07 research proposal funding rates.

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