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Our corporate publications, which includes newsletters, brochures, magazines, guidance, HLPS', reports and reviews. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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Information supplementing the data included in the 2009 EPSRC ground and structural landscape review document.

Questions, quantative results and text box responses from the three online surveys (academic, industry and international).

Impact case studies from the online questionnaires.

Detailing the main recommendations of the report. In 2009, an expert panel of academics and industrialists was convened by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to review UK academic research in ground and structural engineering (GSE).

A follow-up event that drew upon the outputs of the theme day workshops and ongoing dialogue with the photonics community. (This document has been made accessible as far as possible to users of assistive technologies. In the event of any issues, please webteam@epsrc.ac.uk.)

Fourth edition of our new quarterly magazine. Find out about the role of carbon capture and storage in the global bid to tackle climate change, how science is helping to make Britain’s largest city centre redevelopment project its greenest, look in to a computer scientist’s journey to cyberspace’s security frontier and other features.

Progress against the targets and milestones that were set out in the delivery plan and scorecard 2008-11

Document providing the review panel with an overview of research in e-Science in the UK in terms of its people, funding, organisation and policy

In response to the recommendation of the RCUK Review of Physics, EPSRC and STFC have carried out a review of nuclear physics and nuclear engineering in the UK which was chaired by Dr Sue Ion

EPSRC’s Annual Report and Accounts 2008/09 reviews our work and achievements through the year, illustrating how we have continued to work in partnership to maximise our investment in world class research in order to deliver the impact so vitally important to the UK.

Data and commentary aligned to the Government's reporting framework and demonstrates how the research and training we support contributes to an overall economic impact for the UK

Landscape document including information on programme remit, programme strategy, swot analysis, perceptions and summary.

Landscape document including information on bioenergy, conventional, demand, fuel cells, geothermal, hydrogen, infrastructure, marine, nuclear fission and fusion, solar, storage, sustainable vectors, transport, whole systems and cross council and wind.

2008 Consultation report on the second nanotechnology grand challenge in healthcare

Landscape document including information on bionanotechnology, extreme and molecular nanotechnology, functional nanotechnology devices and machines, fundamental properties of nanomaterials, nanocharacterisation and nanometrology, nanodesign, nanofabrication, nanomanufacturing, nanomedicine, nanomodelling, nanotoxicology and the environment.

Landscape document including information on programme remit, programme strategy, research capability, swot analysis, perceptions, summary and further information.

This is an initial report of bibliometric analyses of research funded by the EPSRC. The analyses have been based on journal articles listed on final reports received during the period 2003-2005.

Evaluation of the Energy Research Dialogue carried out by Diane Warburton of Shared Practice.

Desk based study from the Sussex Energy Group, SPRU - Science and Technology, September 2005 Policy Research, University of Sussex.

Research Councils UK response to the report and evaluation.

Workshop held on 25 July 2008 focused on the barriers to obtaining cleaner and more efficient shipping.

Report of the 2004 workshop to help us develop our understanding of the emerging priorities for the programme.

Report of the workshop held in May 2007.

Report of workshop on 15 June 2009. Opportunity to add to output of workshop open until 03 August 2009.

The report summarises the outcomes of the second summit held in September 2006, and gives a position statement and action plan for each theme. Appendices provide details of the discussion groups and slides from the presentations.

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