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Our corporate publications, which includes newsletters, brochures, magazines, guidance, HLPS', reports and reviews. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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This is a report that summarises the outcomes of a workshop held by RCUK in July 2010 to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the use of cloud computing for research

Report of workshop focussing on providing additional context to landscape documents.

Fifth edition of our new quarterly magazine. Find out about the role EPSRC-funded research is playing in the future development of the UK economy, building a sustainable urban environment, telling the untold story of European art, and other features.

Report of the geoengineering scoping workshop held on 19 October 2009.

Report of the UK-India workshop to identify areas of potential collaboration in civil nuclear held on 22 - 23 March 2010.

Report of a workshop held to foster collaboration between academia and industry to accelerate the take-up and exploitation of its funded research

Setting the Foundations for New Industries and Opportunities

The Information and communication technologies (ICT) team recently held a workshop to bring together researchers from across the ICT research community that have an interest in raising the profile of ICT research.

Theme Day to evaluate the portfolio of research funded in the area of basic technology.

Report of the EPSRC theme day in manufacturing research, held in London on 15 April 2010. (We are aware that certain elements of this document may not be completely accessible to users of assistive technologies. If you encounter any such issues, please contact webteam@epsrc.ac.uk.)

Narrative final report for 3D-mintegration: The design and manufacture of 3D integrated miniaturised products grand challenge.

A joint response to the panel’s recommendations containing a number of agreed actions

Building a UK foundation for the transformative enhancement of research and innovation.

Action plan in response to the review of nuclear physics and nuclear engineering, based on the panel's recommendations and input from the nuclear physics and nuclear engineering communities

Landscape document including information on collaborative grants, sector connectivity, programme connectivity, user collaboration, strategic partners, leading centres, centres for doctoral training, knowledge transfer accounts, swot analysis and summary.

Our strategy is to deliver greater impact than ever before. It will focus research on the needs of the nation and commit greater support to those scientists and engineers who are world-leading.

In August 2009 EPSRC and STFC convened an Expert Group to assist in developing a 20-year vision for UK fusion for energy. This document provides the commentary that underpins the Expert Group’s 20-year vision for fusion as an energy source.

Renedi report published in February 2010.

Narrative final report for the Remedi Grand Challenge.

Presentation by Professor Carole Goble at the town meeting held on 09 February 2010 based on the review of OSI report developing the UK's e-infrastructure for science and innovation

Transcript of the town meeting held on 09 February 2010 that represented the RCUK review of e-science

Research challenges identified by the online survey respondents.

This document outlines the economic impact of the research that the EPSRC is supporting. Progress is set against a baseline that was first set in 2007. This document provides an update on how EPSRC is delivering a significant increase in the economic impact of its investment in research and training

2003 Mathematics International Review

This newsletter includes a summary on plans for the future, changes to the panel process and information on a new form for reviewers.

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