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Our corporate publications, which includes newsletters, brochures, magazines, guidance, HLPS', reports and reviews. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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Detailed report on the Heriot-Watt IMRC which formed the evidence base for the report.

Detailed report on the Loughborough IMRC which formed the evidence base for the report.

Detailed report on the Reading IMRC which formed the evidence base for the report.

Detailed report on the UCL IMRC which formed the evidence base for the report.

Detailed report on the Warwick IMRC which formed the evidence base for the report.

EPSRC’s Annual Report and Accounts 2008-09 reviews our work and achievements through the year, illustrating how we have continued to work in partnership to maximise our investment in world class research in order to deliver the impact so vitally important to the UK.

Action plan formulated by EPSRC in response to the broad recommendations of the international review of mathematics.

A major survey of leading research-intensive employers conducted by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) closely links PhD holders with increased company performance and a host of secondary benefits.

This newsletter includes: National Importance in peer review; Changes to the policy on Repeatedly Unsuccessful applicants; Arrangements for Managing and Refreshing the College, and the Cybersecurity Greenpaper.

Examples of input the Information and communication technologies Strategic Advisory Team has made and which resulted in action being taken by EPSRC.

EPSRC supports the research and funding vital for innovation, skills and growth. Our flexible funding processes enable universities to collaborate with partners from industry on projects of mutual benefit or allow companies access to the skills provided by our postgraduate training

Special edition Pioneer highlighting how EPSRC-funded research and training is helping to tackle global challenges and major issues facing individuals, business and the UK economy. Find out how research is making a difference.

EPSRC supports research for a reliable, safe and resilient infrastructure supplying water, energy, communications, transport systems and waste systems essential to society. This is crucial in facing the demands of changing environmental, demographic and economic conditions and requires innovative solutions to be developed in order to ensure a healthy, productive and sustainable society that is able to support economic growth

Annexes from the Workshop held on 26 September 2011.

Full report of the Wired and wireless intelligent networked systems (WINES) strategy and impact workshop, held in March 2011.

Brochure explaining how and why EPSRC connects with business.

Brochure detailing what we as an organisation do, what our priority areas are and who we work with.

Report including the objectives of the meeting, key points from the presentations and discussion session, reflections from the audience and the next steps.

Details of the 2010-11 research proposal funding rates.

Public engagement involves activities that bring researchers and the public together. It is more than just meeting an audience and telling them about your research - effective public engagement is about two-way communication, with the researchers listening to and learning from participants.

An expert panel of UK based researchers was convened by the Engineering and Physical 
Sciences Research Council to review the impact of past interventions in support of the 
Chemistry/Chemical Engineering interface and the current health of this interface. 


Working with a national panel of UK experts and the wider mechanical engineering community, EPSRC has conducted a review looking at the health of mechanical engineering research in the UK.

A national panel of UK experts and the wider mechanical engineering community, EPSRC have conducted a review that has aimed to obtain a coherent view of the research and training performed by the UK mechanical engineering community.

The full portfolio of EPSRC Science and Innovation (S&I) Awards were reviewed by an Expert Panel at a Theme Day held in February 2011 chaired by Professor Julia King CBE FREng from Aston University.

Report of the frontier manufacturing retreat. The objectives of the retreat were to debate manufacturing and frontier manufacturing, engage a new set of researchers who would not normally be part of the manufacturing community and to choose the themes with greatest potential that can be explored and developed further after the retreat.

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