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Audio, video, presentations and podcasts from EPSRC. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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Innovative tailor-made seats will be used for the first time by Paralympics GB for the wheelchair basketball events this summer. Using cutting-edge research the seats are individually moulded for each player to provide the best possible support.

A selection of videos highlighting some of the EPSRC sponsored research taking place at the University of Sheffield covering healthcare, energy, manufacturing and the environment.

Guidance for applicants and reviewers, regarding a Pathways to Impact Plan.

Guidance for applicants and reviewers on the definition and purpose of Pathways to Impact.

Training sessions for Team GB's swimmers have been getting a helping hand from a new system incorporating cutting-edge movement tracking and sensor technologies.

EPSRC's Dream Fellows in conversation.

This video highlights some of the EPSRC sponsored research taking place at University of Bristol, which is the latest university to enter into a framework agreement with EPSRC.

The sponsors of the UK ICT Pioneers Competition (BCS, HP, EPSRC, ARM, Imagination Technologies and IET) present some background messages on the importance of computing and ICT.

A facility for UK researchers managed by the EPSRC, on behalf of Research Councils' UK.

Leading experts in the field of Information and Computer Technology consider its future.

An innovative kitchen that gives step-by-step cooking instructions in French could spark a revolution in language learning in the UK.

A film showing pupils at the Joseph Leckie Community Technology College in Walsall firing a model car across their playground at over 80mph.

The EPSRC Physical Sciences Town Meeting with the aim of communicating details of the Shaping Capability strategy and encourage thinking about how it will affect researchers in Physical Sciences.

Prehistoric marine monsters, human tissue, aircraft wings and even fossilised crocodile dung are yielding their innermost secrets to a unique new X-ray Imaging Centre.

Manufacturing and retail could get a much-needed boost from a newly-developed 3D chocolate printer. In the long term the technology could be used by customers to design many different products themselves - tailor-made to their needs and preferences.

New software 'hearing dummies' are part of cutting-edge research that promises to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairments.

A film setting the external context for the EPSRC Delivery Plan 2011-2014.

The ICT team recently held a workshop bringing together researchers from across the community to involve them in the development of strategy for the programme in the context of our new Delivery Plan.

The bones of people who died a hundred years ago are being used to develop new treatments for chronic back pain.

New software has been developed that gives drummers the freedom to speed up or slow down the pace of the music with any pre-programmed material following their lead.

The Delivery Plan provides a high-level overview of our plans for the period 2011/12 to 2014/15. It describes our principles and priorities, and outlines the approaches we will use.

Making electricity storage and transport more energy efficient is central to the research work of Lata Sahonta.

Laurie Winkless is looking at the materials that could be used to capture the energy produced by a typical car that is wasted as heat, and transform it into electricity.

Mark Jabbal is helping to develop greener, more fuel efficient aircraft.

Owen Rackham is involved in a field of modern medicine that could one day be able to re-programme cells in the human body to combat conditions such as Alzheimers.

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