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Audio, video, presentations and podcasts from EPSRC. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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How a state-of-the-art easel is shedding new light on old masters.

Musicians try out new digital music box in a quest for the ultimate “hackable” musical instrument

Researchers from the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at The University of Southampton visited EPSRC to show a film that demonstrates the real time process of manufacturing the EPSRC logo on human hair using Focused Ion Beam Technology.

Handwritten medical observation charts could become a thing of the past in hospitals with the development of a pioneering patient monitoring system developed in Oxford hospitals.

Addressing the domestic energy refurbishment challenge.

The UK’s largest investment in engineering and physical sciences PhD will train scientists and engineers in Centres for Doctoral Training

Professor Constantin Coussios and colleagues on using ultrasound to deliver drugs much closer to tumours and other targets in the body.

Professor Gus Hancock and colleagues discuss the many things we can learn about the body's health through the breath: and new technologies that can make that process easier.

Professor Peter Dobson and his colleagues discuss the use of nanoparticles to improve cancer treatments.

An overview of key research challenges being addressed by ORCHID researchers in the development of Human-Agent Collectives for disaster response applications.

Professor Li He on understanding better how turbines function at high temperatures: making jet engines greener, and turbines cheaper to run.

Professor David Gavaghan on mathematical models of the heart, and  making them work better to allow for predictions of heart function.

Dr Alison Foster on audio trails in Oxford's botanic gardens, which allow visitors to learn about chemistry in beautiful surroundings

What next for citizen science? Professor Steve Roberts on how advanced maths can make the findings of this exciting new field more useful

Dr Mason Porter discusses the beauty of network maths, and how he and his colleagues have pioneered a programme to teach others about this vital area of mathematical understanding.

EPSRC Council held its Open Forum on 15 October to bring together and engage with current scientists and engineers from across engineering and the physical sciences.

A newly developed recycling process could make landfill sites filled with old shoes a thing of the past.

The Chief Scientific Adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office talks about nuclear fission research, the long term role of nuclear power in the UK’s energy future, and perspectives on science advice from outside and inside Government.

Once a James Bond fantasy, diamond-based lasers are now becoming a reality.

On 18 and 19 March 2013, EPSRC’s Strategic Advisory Teams came together to provide input into future challenges and share ideas.

Pioneering X-ray technology is making it possible to read fragile rolled-up historical documents for the first time in centuries.

The Global Grand Challenges Summit in March 2013 saw leading international engineering thinkers and innovators, sharing ideas with the next generation of engineers and policy-makers on how to solve the world's most pressing challenges.

Tiny Light Emitting Diode lights now being developed could deliver Wi-Fi-like internet communications, while simultaneously displaying information, and providing illumination for homes, offices and a whole host of other locations.

Business Secretary, Vince Cable announces a £60 million investment in 31 UK universities to help pioneering scientists and engineers create successful businesses from research, improve industrial collaboration, and foster greater entrepreneurship.

This video highlights some of the EPSRC sponsored research taking place at The University of Nottingham, one of EPSRC’s framework universities

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