The EPSRC Communities system has been created to allow you to customise your experience on the EPSRC website.

You will be able to manage your subscriptions to e-newsletters and decide what you want 'quick' access or reference to through the favourites and dashboard.

In the future we will be using this system to encourage networking and collaboration with us and others in relevant areas.

This system is currently being launched as a Beta as we acknowledge we cannot get everything right on the first try and appreciate user feedback. If you have any issues, concerns or suggestions please contact us:

When you create an account you will be asked to provide the following compulsory information:

  • • First name (minimum of two alpha characters)
  • • Last name (minimum of two alpha characters)
  • • Email
  • • Display name (minimum of five alphanumeric characters)
  • • Password (at least eight characters long, and must contain at least one capital letter, one number and a symbol ($@!%*?&))
  • • Security question and answer
  • • Organisational function
  • • Agree to the Communities system terms and conditions

The following information is optional:

  • • Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr etc)
  • • Job title
  • • Organisation
  • • Department
  • • Twitter handle
  • • Registering interests and subscribing to newsletters

The password you choose, should be at least eight characters long, and must contain at least one capital letter, one number and a symbol ($@!%*?&). If any of these elements are missing, the system will prompt you to correct this.

If you have any problems using the system please contact the (01793 444571).

When changing organisation, please do not re-register for Communities. Simply update your Communities profile with your new email address and organisation.

Not logged in

In the top region of any page on the site there is a link to 'Communities login'. This will give you the login page to gain access to the system.

Logged in

Once you have logged into the Communities system, the link in the top region of any page will change to your name. Clicking on your name will give you a drop-down menu to access the pages and features of the Communities system.

The dashboard is a personal area where you can view a 'snapshot' of the content you have shown an interest in, documents and your favourites.

Favourites are like bookmarks so you can save pages of interest into your favourites list.

Selecting an item as an interest allows you to view content assigned to the item from your dashboard.

Subscribing to an item registers you to receive email newsletters or alerts.

The documents area of the Communities system is a place where documents are available to specific groups of users.

This is an optional feature of the Communities system where you can add some personal information about yourself. In the future this may be used in the networking opportunities for registered users.

The Communities system is being developed to add more features in the future. These will include:

  • Management of subscription(s) to organisational newsletter(s)
  • File / document contribution functionality for specific users
  • Webpage content contribution for specific users
  • Networking opportunities for registered users