Exploring energy challenges

Posted by Dr Stephen Breslin on 30 November 2015

This month I was delighted to announce the UK’s first ever coalition of industry and policy-makers, which includes The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), to create an exhibition that will raise public awareness of the energy challenges that face us and engage them in the debate on how to solve them.

When it launches in December, Powering the Future will be part of the Glasgow Science Centre and will help the public appreciate the critical role of the energy sector, the basic science behind it and the challenges we face in balancing our energy supply and demand.

We want visitors to understand what is behind the flick of a switch or the fuel pump at the garage and connect from the personal to the global. This will be vital in shaping the conversations we have about future energy supplies from wind to hydro power.

The constant, steady availability of energy underpins our modern lives. However, one of the biggest challenges for society, which is being considered at international, national and local levels, is how our increasing demand for energy can be met, at an acceptable environmental and economic cost. Balancing carbon emissions, energy costs, and security of energy supply - the energy trilemma.

In a first, we have engaged more than 50 experts from across the energy sector; from industry researchers and scientists from organisations like ESPRC, to policy makers, training skills councils, education, research and academia. Powering the Future will be an engaging display with interactive, hands-on exhibits that bring to life the science and engineering behind an energy future that is affordable, secure and clean.

In addition to creating a better informed public that is engaged in the debate on future energy supply; Powering the Future will also aim to attract young people to the industry, inspired by the challenges and the role they could play in developing future solutions to these challenges.

The future of energy is a complex puzzle that will have far-reaching consequences - personally and globally - for the security of our energy supply, for the cost of our energy and for our planet. We hope that you can help power our future.

Powering the Future opens at the Glasgow Science Centre in December 2015. It is supported by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, OPITO, Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council, National Grid, EDF Energy, Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Power Energy Network and Doosan Babcock.


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