Meet Maisie

Mathematical Sciences Portfolio Manager

I joined EPSRC in 2012 after completing my Civil Engineering MEng. Currently I am employed as a Portfolio Manager in the applied mathematics field - looking after continuum mechanics, non-Linear systems and numerical analysis. I also look after mathematical biology and maths for the manufacturing the future research area.

Applied mathematics is quite wide ranging and has a lot of links to other themes such as ICT, physical sciences, engineering and other challenge themes. I am often communicating with other themes across EPSRC and other research councils; working on joint funded grants together with them. As well as grants, I am also in charge of planning the strategic direction of applied mathematics and communicating with the community to develop the portfolio through mechanisms such as managed calls for proposals and workshops etc.

"I am happy working at EPSRC. As well as the work being exciting, the people are friendly, making it a comfortable environment to be in!"

EPSRC is a very good place to work. The work is varied and challenging, yet stimulating. I enjoy being in charge of my own portfolio and developing its strategy. I am given a large sense of ownership towards my area and since it is quite a cross cutting portfolio, it means that there is always something new to work on. Applied mathematics has links to my original area of expertise in engineering and the EPSRC has really helped me to develop my skills to cover a wide range of research areas.