Meet Lewis

EPSRC Energy Portfolio Manager

I joined EPSRC in 2013, immediately after completing my PhD in Organic Chemistry. I moved into the energy programme and I now look after part of the renewable technologies portfolio, including wind, wave and tidal energies. I have been on a steep learning curve, but it is a fascinating experience building up a working knowledge of a number of different engineering disciplines, particularly in a context as relevant and topical as energy.

The main purpose of my role is to act as a bridge between EPSRC and our community, making sure that academics and stakeholders know about our plans, but also ensuring that we are constantly updating our knowledge of the broader landscape. Portfolio managers are also the people who keep the peer review process running.

What I enjoy most about the job is the variety, as no two weeks are ever quite the same; one week you might be preparing the papers for peer review meeting and the next you might be travelling across the country to a community engagement event.

At the moment, I tend to spend about one week in four out of the office on visits. A lot of the work going on in my portfolio is based in Scotland, combined with some collaborative projects with China.

"I have registered a few more air miles than I had been expecting, but it certainly beats being stuck in a room with only a half-written thesis for company!"