Impact, timescales and support

EPSRC recognises that the infrastructure and resources allocated to managing and sharing research data vary widely among the research organisations it funds. EPSRC also acknowledges that to comply with this framework research organisations will need to review their research data management practices and capabilities: change may be required in a number of areas ranging for example from simply clarifying and formalising existing processes and policies to the creation of new posts and investment in new infrastructure. In working towards an optimal approach, it is further anticipated that not all the identified actions/investments may be achievable in the short term, but may require action in the medium to long term.

To allow time for this EPSRC expects all those it funds to have developed a clear roadmap to align their policies and processes with EPSRC’s expectations by 01 May 2012, and to be fully compliant with these expectations by 01 May 2015. EPSRC will monitor progress and compliance on a case by case basis. EPSRC will investigate non-compliance; if it appears that proper sharing of research data is being obstructed EPSRC reserves the right to impose appropriate sanctions. Support and advice are available to assist organisations working to comply with this framework. In particular EPSRC recommends that further advice be sought from: