Supporting our staff

EPSRC's strategy is to ensure the research and training it supports is internationally regarded for its excellence and delivers maximum impact for the UK economy and wider society.

In the face of increased competition and with limited resources available, EPSRC is seeking to invest more strategically. As a result some tough decisions have to be made and EPSRC accepts that these may, on occasion, not be received favourably by all members of the scientific community or by other stakeholders.

EPSRC accepts that any member of the research community or wider public has the right to voice their opinion in relation to its decisions. Whilst appropriate constructive criticism is welcomed, EPSRC will not tolerate inappropriate abuse directed towards any one employee, or a group of employees, in relation to such responses.

All EPSRC employees are employed in good faith to carry out their duties, and EPSRC does not accept that anybody has the right to abuse its employees and this includes abuse via social media or any other form of shared communication. In the event that an EPSRC employee, or EPSRC as an employer, becomes aware of such abuse, it reserves the right to pursue such an event within the full scope offered by the appropriate legal framework.

EPSRC also reserves the right to engage with person or persons demonstrating abusive behaviour, the organisation that employs the person who is perpetuating such abuse as well as any media supplier through which such abuse is being channelled.