Objective 3: Enabling the UK engineering and physical sciences landscape to deliver

We aim to provide the foundations on which to undertake world-class research, using investments wisely to enable the UK to engage in new opportunities in a timely and effective way, allowing bandwidth for the creative thinking central to discovery research. We must provide our researchers with state-of-the-art laboratories and access to national facilities, and we must access all available talent. Engagement with the public is also essential:

Managing our portfolio and priorities (3.3.1)

We will keep using and improving our tools to monitor our investments and will continue to be aware of the UK’s position relative to global competitors, enabling evidence-based analysis of where investments are most effective so we can rapidly position ourselves in new, groundbreaking areas

Future-proofing state-of-the-art research infrastructure (3.3.2)

We will provide researchers with the world-class infrastructure they need

Accessing talent through equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) (3.3.3)

Mobilising all available talent is vital to maximising effective delivery of research for economic, social and cultural impact. We will continue to embed equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do

Inspiring, informing and interacting with the public (3.3.4)

We will communicate outcomes of our research and innovation in ways that instill trust. We will target activities to inform and educate, to inspire people to engage with engineering and physical sciences and understand its importance to their wellbeing and success, and to encourage bright minds into engineering and physical sciences careers.