Objective 2: Realising the potential of engineering and physical sciences research

We aim to stimulate and challenge the research community to open up new areas of science, engineering and technology, and will promote excellence, accelerate impact and provide new ways of working with business to deliver the 2.4% target:

Promoting excellence in research (3.2.1)

We will pilot a New Horizons call to fund high-risk discovery research delivering tomorrow’s transformational engineering and physical sciences, and review/reposition our larger grant-funding mechanisms and identify where to make our next critical-mass investments

Realising excellence in people (3.2.2)

We will work with our business partners and others in UKRI to train a diverse population of researchers who can work effectively across academia and business

Connecting the research landscape to accelerate impact (3.2.3)

As part of UKRI, we will shape a landscape where we can enhance knowledge exchange, enable mobility of skilled people, build world-class collaborative research and innovation environments, and develop nascent technologies emerging from the new science and engineering we support. To do this we will expand our Innovation and Knowledge Centres and Impact Acceleration Account activities

Enhancing business engagement (3.2.4)

Prosperity Partnerships will be key to deepening our engagement with business and we will extend them to new sectors, such as services and the creative industries, and evolve the scheme to form partnerships with SMEs.