Connected Nation

The UK's success will be driven by as yet unimagined, new industries and services, and by innovative, more cost-effective ways of delivering existing services through transformational technologies which connect people, things and data together, in safe, smart, secure, trustworthy, and productive ways. This will be a major driver of economic growth and efficiency across all regions and sectors of the UK. This relies on discovery and innovation in the mathematical and physical sciences, computing, and engineering.

Example priority areas for strategic programmes:

  • Data-driven economy
  • Capitalising on the Internet of Things
  • Safe and trusted cyber-society.

Outcomes and Ambitions



Enable a competitive, data driven economy
Delivering the next generation of big data capabilities using novel mathematical and statistical techniques and data analytics to generate insight and value for future business and society, enabling efficient, agile responses to a rapidly changing global market.
Achieve transformational development and use of the Internet of Things
Developing the internet of things in human-centred, safe and reliable ways, to transform infrastructure, products and services and underpin all aspects of society, including cities, transport, manufacturing, health and defence.
Deliver intelligent technologies and systems
Converting data into physical action through a diverse range of intelligent devices and systems to create socially-acceptable, effective autonomous systems for the future.
Ensure a safe and trusted cyber society
Developing secure, safe and trustworthy systems, resistant to cyber-attack, to enable a future digital economy with reduced crime and terrorism.
Design for an inclusive, innovative and confident digital society
Rethinking design of digital systems to foster and enhance a digital society where creative individuals and communities are empowered to engage with digital technologies in order to contribute to the economy and society.

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