Our vision

EPSRC invests in research discovery and innovation. Our contribution to the UK is the world-leading research and postgraduate training which have benefit for society and the economy. We deliver highly skilled, numerate individuals who become leaders in industry, academia and the public sector.

In fulfilling our role, through our staff, we take a strategic, value-adding approach beyond simply awarding grants. We capture and use our knowledge of the research and skills base to manage our portfolio. Building on our strong relationships with universities, business and others, we are able to profile and articulate the research and innovation landscape, its people and relationships, its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. This in turn enables us to provide the direction and guidance which makes our investment more effective and efficient.

We prize our ability to make stable, long-term investment, in order to:

  • provide researchers with the best environment for ideas and innovation to flourish
  • get the most from public investment by attracting leverage from the private sector and other partners, and by attracting foreign investment
  • with our partners, help the creation of new jobs and new products and services, facilitating growth and, ultimately,
  • benefit society and improve the quality of life within the UK.

Delivering prosperity for the UK

This Delivery Plan sets out our principal plans for Delivery Plan 2016/17-2019/20, and is issued in response to the government's allocation for research investment following the 2015 Spending Review. Our central intention is for our investments to support four inter-linked outcomes which collectively underpin UK prosperity. This framework is the strategic expression of how engineering and physical sciences research and skills add value to the nation, and provides an ambitious vision to inspire researchers.

It is our aspiration that researchers can, by thinking about this framework of Prosperity Outcomes, apply their curiosity, knowledge and skills to meet the challenges facing us all.

Strong economies are science economies

Strong economies invest in research, discovery and innovation, and in particular in the engineering and physical sciences. The government recognises the link between science and national prosperity, identifying “high-quality science and innovation, spreading fast, as one of the foundations of productivity growth.” EPSRC plays an essential part in this. Research funded by EPSRC has been associated with £80 billion of economic activity over the period 2008-13, including £16 billion of cost savings to the public and private sector. Our investments in underpinning engineering and physical sciences (EPS) have enabled the advancement of other disciplines such as health and life sciences, leading to environmental and societal benefits and new public policy.

Professor Philip Nelson on the EPSRC Delivery Plan

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