Professor Veronica Bowman


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Job title: Senior Principal Statistician
Organisation: Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Tags: Advisor, SAN

Professor Veronica Bowman is a senior principal statistician at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and is internationally recognised as the lead technical expert for Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) knowledge management. She specialises in uncertainty calculation and communication and Bayesian inference. In particular, she has spent many years applying Bayesian methodology and data fusion techniques to problems in the military domain as well as working with academia to improve understanding of how uncertainty is propagated and how decisions should be taken under uncertainty. She was the founder and chair of the Calculating and Communicating Uncertainty Conference (CCU 2015), which bought together leading researchers from the field of uncertainty and instigated the EPSRC funded research into decision making under uncertainty.

Her research interests include the use of Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and Sequential Monte Carlo to make complex multi-parameter inference with scarce data sets in near real time, the design and analysis of computer experiments; particularly development of methods for approximating multi-dimensional correlated outputs and data fusion for bio- surveillance applications.