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Trevor Cross

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Job title: Group Chief Technology Officer
Organisation: e2v
Tags: Advisor, SATs and other advisory groups
Related theme: Quantum technologies


Trevor Cross is Group Chief Technology Officer at e2v based in Chelmsford, Essex.

A graduate of Bath and Lancaster Universities, Trevor has a PhD in compound semiconductors. He is a Fellow and a council member of the Institute of Physics.

In 1985 he joined the e2v group, which was formerly part of GEC-Marconi. His initial role was in technology and business development leading e2v's Solar Power Systems activity providing high efficiency GaAs solar panels for spacecraft for small satellites (including for SSTL in their early years). This involved transferring research technology from the GEC central Research Labs in Wembley to Chelmsford - which started an ongoing career focus of technology translation and commercialization.

Trevor has 10 years experience at board level at e2v as Director for Space and Communications and Technical Director. He was technical lead in the MBO of the company from GEC-Marconi, and its LSE listing in 2004. More recently his focus has included group strategy and technology planning.

He has played a key role in e2v's University engagement programs and is a former council member of the PPARC. He chaired the Technology Strategy Board led Electronics, Sensors and Photonics KTN from 2009-14 and is currently a member of a number of STFC and University committees and review panels. He is also chair of the Innovate UK's Special Interest Group in Quantum Technologies.