Professor Tim Whitley

BSc, PhD

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Job title: MD Applied Research and MD of BT's R&D Campus Astral Park
Organisation: BT
Tags: AAC, Advisor, Council

Professor Whitley is a BT Distinguished Engineer and serves as MD Applied Research for BT and MD of BT's R&D Campus "Adastral Park" in Suffolk, England. He is accountable for all aspects of BT's Global Research and Innovation activities.

He joined BT in 1981 as an apprentice engineer. Following sponsored study at university he joined the Optical Physics Division of BT's Research department at Martlesham in Suffolk. Here he spent nearly ten years conducting experimental research into optical fibre amplifiers and lasers and their application in high-speed communications systems and authored or co-authored over 50 peer reviewed, journal and conference papers.

On leaving the research department he held a number of technical and strategy leadership roles in BT culminating in his appointment as BT's Group Strategy Director, a position he held from 2007 to 2011.

Professor Whitley is a member of the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Board.He is also the BT senior manager on the Equality of Access Board (EAB), the independent body established in 2006 to verify that BT is adhering to the regulatory undertakings established around the creation of Openreach.

He is a visiting Professor with the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex and is also a Policy Fellow with the Centre for Science & Policy, University of Cambridge, England. He lives in Felixstowe, Suffolk with his wife and four daughters.